Compressor Replacement on a Refrigerator

Captain Appliance replaces compressors on refrigerators but our customers sometimes ask “is it worth it?”.  It depends on the refrigerator, the age, how much is a new one of the same quality or how much is a new one that you would purchase to replace this one.  We have quite a few people ask how much should I spend repairing?  It is always up to you the owner of the appliance to make that decision and we always try to give the best advise but do not decide for you.  To give you a starting point most of the extended warranty, or home warranty companies in our experience will spend 50%-75% of the new purchase price, spending the higher amount when in excellent condition.  Appliances that are built in or mounted to the wall incur additional costs to install or to put cabinet fronts on and would make sense to spend a little extra on a repair.  We think it is a good idea to decide on a maximum to spend on the appliance before the technician comes to your door.  We have replaced three compressors this week, one on a kitchenaid that had a cabinet front on it, an Amana side by side standard refrigerator, and a Samsung side by side stainless refrigerator.  The majority of refrigerators that a compressor fails on are repaired by our technicians.  Call Captain Appliance for all your repair needs.   Thank you.

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